We design and build industrial scale businesses in Africa.

Africa is not thriving like it could be

Over $1 Trillion has been poured into the continent via aid over the past several decades. Much progress has been made, yet for many life is not much better off today than it was 40 years ago.


of the world’s poorest countries are located in Africa


still live in extreme poverty (or less than $1.25 a day)


still don't have electricity in the home. (6 countries have over 94% without electricity)

An industrial revolution is the only thing that has ever worked to fully bring an economy out of poverty

Large-scale businesses create jobs that enable individuals and families to thrive. Business done right pumps money into local economies, enabling individuals to earn personal wealth. These individuals then invest in education, healthcare, and standard of living improvements for families. Together, the business and individuals create a virtuous cycle of economic development.

We invest the early stage capital.

We bring the entrepreneurial expertise and technology.

We build businesses from scratch, creating jobs and planting seeds of entrepreneurship and innovation.

We’ve Already Made a Significant Impact.

… and we’re just getting started.


lives impacted (Calculated as fair wage incomes created X 4.5 dependents)


GDP impact (GDP increase in Ethiopia through Verdant Frontiers' Investment activities to date)


Debt and Equity Invested in Verdant Frontiers’ portfolio companies

We start businesses from the ground up in markets with opportunity for scale.

We’re on track to create our first $1 Billion in shareholder value, and 1 Million incomes in Africa by 2025

Our portfolio.

Verdant Ventures Logo

Verdant Ventures

International real estate development

Verdant Ventures is an emerging markets real estate development and management company with a special emphasis on Diplomatic and Consular level real estate projects.

Verdant Consulting Logo

Verdant Consulting


Specializing in solving business and social problems in tandem, we collaborate with leaders and entrepreneurs to start-up or scale purpose-driven businesses that accelerate Ethiopia’s industrial, agricultural, and technological transformation.

Kizo Lodge Logo

Kizo Lodge

Mid-level hotel and restaurant

Mid-level hotel and restaurant targeted towards the thriving eco-tourism segment of those who come to visit the Kara, Hammar and Benna tribes surrounding the town of Turmi, Ethiopia where the lodge is located. 

International Hospita Campala (IHK) Logo

International Hospital Kampala

Medical imaging and radiology center

A medical imaging and radiology center. The center is open 365 days a year, and provides high quality medical imaging and diagnostic services for thousands of patients per year.

Verde Beef Processing

Beef production and processing

Feed production, cattle fattening and beef processing—first company in Ethiopia to successfully begin beef exports and has become the leader in this industry. We exited this company in September of 2019.

The team for innovation.

Scott Friesen

Scott Friesen


Scott is a serial entrepreneur who has started, grown, and sold companies since 1998. Having led operations, sales and technology, Scott has a track record of consistent growth and profitability.

Shannon Sedgwick Davis

Shannon Sedgwick Davis

Board Member

Shannon is a passionate advocate for social justice around the world. As an attorney and activist, she sits on the board of several organizations including The Elders, Humanity United, TOMS, and charity: water.

Bruce Hamilton

Bruce Hamilton

Africa Director

Bruce, a native of Zimbabwe, has over 25 years of agricultural experience in Africa with specific experience in floriculture, tree nut and orchard crops, livestock, and grain, managing up to 10,000 staff and covering thousands of hectares.

Neil Portus

Neil Portus


Neil brings over 17 years financial leadership experience spanning Goldman Sachs in NY and operational experience as a startup founder, and as the CFO of an East Africa-focused infrastructure development firm.

Sarah Jackson

Sarah Jackson

Africa Finance And Ops

Sarah is a Chartered Management Accountant who holds Master’s degrees in Development Management and International Studies. She has a strong understanding of the political and social context in Ethiopia and is experienced in raising debt, equity and grant financing.

The investment committee.

Seth Levine

Investment Committee Member

Seth is Co-Founder of Foundry Group, a venture capital firm that helps entrepreneurs and venture capital fund managers turn promising ideas into market-defining and market-leading businesses.

Mike Mulcahy

Investment Committee Member

Mike is the Founder of Kings Path Partners, a firm providing investment management and wealth services for families and foundations. In addition, he serves as the Strategic Financial Advisor to the H.E. Butt Foundation.

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